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Subscribed market research professionals can use to quickly find focus group facilities and market research service providers—and ratings and reviews about them, to make more-informed decisions.

Members can also share their own ratings and reviews and get the ImpulseScore™ of service providers listed in the directory. The ImpulseScore™ measures overall client satisfaction and loyalty of a facility location or service, based on a proprietary algorithm carefully designed with the market research industry in mind. Market research professionals can subscribe or learn more about how works.

A Must for Market Research Focus Group Facilities and Service Providers
Market research service providers claim their listings in the directory to gain valuable insights about what clients have to say. Service providers can also use to monitor their ImpulseScore™ and proactively manage their reputation in the directory among their competitors, while keeping track of industry trends and client expectations. They can also use photos and videos to showcase their locations and services—and use custom tags to highlight their offerings and capabilities.

Focus group facilities and market research service providers can claim, find or add their listing.

About LLC LLC develops technology and tools to help drive the market research industry forward. As providers of—the only platform for peer-reviewed ratings of research focus group facilities and related services—the company aims to enable transparent communication between market research professionals and market research service providers. The company is committed to further developing (and related services) to help market research professionals quickly find the facilities and services they need—and help service providers better understand what market research professionals expect.

About the ImpulseScore™
The ImpulseScore™ indicates the overall reputation of market service providers in the directory—and shows how they compare with other providers. The ImpulseScore™ is a composite measure of the overall customer satisfaction with service providers. And it is based upon a comprehensive, proprietary algorithm, that draws from customer ratings and reviews, and other aspects unique to the market research industry.